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Building Specialists, Inc. is an insurance expert and general contractor based in Roanoke, VA.

When disaster strikes my home or business what do I do first…

Call 911 immediately, call your insurance provider and call Building Specialists at (540) 982-8200. BSI will immediately begin the process of containment and stabilization of your property to secure it from vandalism, additional damage from the elements or danger to any curiosity seekers. We will begin the process of communications with your insurance provider, claims adjuster and their team to determine the extent of the damage and the scope of work that is needed to get your home back to its condition prior to the disaster.

Do you work with my insurance company directly…

Yes. It is very important that BSI connects with your insurance adjuster quickly to assure quick response on claims. We have worked with all the leading insurance companies and their adjusters around the Roanoke Valley.

What does my insurance cover…

Each homeowner’s policy is different and your insurance agent will be able to guide you in the coverage your policy offers.

Outline of Insurance Claim Restoration Costs…

Building Specialists will provide an outline of costs to you and your insurance company covering every aspect of the restoration. BSI team members visit the area of devastation and take photographs of all the damaged areas. These photographs are used to quantify the extent of damage and are shared with your insurance agent/adjuster. From the initial evaluation and inspection, BSI will comprise a detailed estimate for all restoration costs. The initial cost during restoration may consist of fire or water damage, demolition or storm damage demolition. BSI will also outline all the needed repairs/reconstruction that will be needed to get your home or business back to pre-devastation condition. Many times BSI will be required to negotiate with your provider to make sure you receive the best replacement value your policy offers.

Do I have to replace what was damaged exactly as it was…

No. Many existing structures do not meet the codes of today’s building requirements. These code requirements are covered under your insurance policy and will be restored to today’s standards at no additional cost to you. Homeowners and business owners sometimes find the only benefits of a disaster are that it allows them to update features during restoration. Clients might decide it is the perfect time to make needed renovations. Any work that does not fall under your existing insurance claim can be priced separately for your approval to be added to the overall scope of work.

What happens after we know what the insurance company will cover on costs…

BSI gets to work on the restoration of your home. We will create a detailed schedule for you of the work needed and a completion date. To understand the process of rebuild and renovation, review Residential Process or Commercial Process.

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